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These inserts/outserts are printed on front & back side are are reqruied to be folded as per requried. In order to produce this a special technology is requried which again ensures that both sides are printed properly and non of the either side is blank. Our pritning machines also possess a special double sheet detector which confirms to avoid blanks sides.

  1. Inserts: This is an instruction manual which is printed & folded in differnet size to be inserted in the carton, pouch. This is the product manual which descrbes the end consumer for its composition, storage, how to use & other points as suggested by the regulatory body for various countries.

  2. Outserts: Outserts are instruction manual being printed in larger size for eg. 580mm x 900mm for patients which requries the top the line folding machine from GERMANY which can convert these outserts into tiny folded leafelts. It also has an attachment of Taping wherein these folded leaflets/outserts are bundled together with the help of a Tranparent perforated Label.