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  1. Self Adheisve Labels:
    Movements of customers towards generatign highest yield with the current production setup has lead us to install a technology where customers benefit in achieving the highest yield through a slight change in their production line. This is where we as LAXMI GROUP installed 2 labelling press which has the capabiltiy to produce any king of labels with various size, dimensions, colours, styles. Since last 11 years with this technology, we have produced highest level of quality and service which has helped our custoemrs achieve their yield & have also generated a strong trust on us. We have a strong customer base in Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, HPC, Oil & Lubricants, Writing Instruments & Others.

    We can assure you of 100% defect free labels since we possess a DEFECT DETECTION MACHINE, which is capable of detecting as small as 1pt defect which ensures the end user for the quality which will reduce his downtime & increase the productivity.

    We are converting different type of substrate for various customers Chromo, Clear PP Film, Opaque PP Film, Gloss/Matt Silver Metaalized Film, Opaque PET Film, Foam Sheets, Temperature Sensitive Film & amnya others. All these substrates are for varied applications for Inj Vials, Syrup Pet bottles, Barcode Labels, Frozen Food, Squezable bottles, Pen labels, etc.

  2. Wet Glue Labels:
    This is a conventional method where labels are printed & cut in carious sizes as per customer requiremetns. For customers who do not possess the label applicator machine, we provide them with this product which is glued and pasted on the bottles by the customer in his premises. We have solution for your requriements.

Label Work