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Quality Lab

  • Fully Integrated system for accurate Ink matching
  • ColorQuality* makes consistent color quality verifiable
  • SpectroEye detects even smallest deviations.
  • SpectroEye analysis special colors at a densitometric level in single measurement.
  • Ensures optimum measurement accuracy at all times.
  • It is also used in Ink Matching dept. for accurate Ink Receipe
GSM Tester
  • Accurately checks the gramage (GSM) of the substrate
  • Has electronic scale of max. 300 gms & min of 0.001 gms
Ink Proofer
  • This kit is useful to determine the ink, matched in the Ink Kitchen to its correctness & how it will appear on the machine during the commercial run.
  • This Kit is very useful in the Quality Control Lab to test the inks on different substrates.
Pantone Shade Book
  • We refer all Pantone Shadebook to match the colors as requried / mentioned by the csutomer.
  • This is a standard book which is prefered by our company.
  • Every year we get a new set of Pantone Book to remain updated with the new entrants in colors / change in any particular shade.
  • Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated version of Pantone Book is used in our printing industry.
Rub Resistance Tester
  • This is intended to evaluate the Rub Proofness of prints on paper & Boards.
  • Rubs at a constant pressure of 2 p.s.i and at a fixed speed of 60 RPM.
  • Preset number of Rotations.
  • Measurement of abrasion resistance of some Plastic materials / Aluminum Foils.
Proof Reading Kit
  • Scanner Based Quality Control Proofing System.
  • Scans the entire sheet at a time and compares with the clients approved master file.
  • Zero percent changes of mistake while approving the first multi-up sheet.
  • Checks the colours variations, broken or missing text, ghost and blured images, etc.
  • 100% Accuracy in Q.C. Checking.
Moisture Meter
Digital Vernier Caliber & a few more