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We have a rich experience, knowledge & manufacturing capabilities in regards to cartons for more than 40 years. Our multiple locations are self-independent and self-sustainable to their various requirements wherein we manufacture this product entirely under one single roof right from the first process till dispatches. Our customers satisfaction has lead us a long way to reach where we are today. Cartons with Various size, design, formations, style & colours can per manufactured in any of our plants.

FMCG / METPET Carton: A product which requires highest quality & perfection along with innovations with regards to various texturing effects such as SAND EFFECT, 3D EFFECT, SCENTED CARTONS & many more also a UV printing system which is capable of printing metallic/metalized cartons which is a different technology possessed by few convertors wherein Laxmi Group is proud to be one of them who can serve customers from every industry.
Display Cartons: Are you looking to showcase your products on the shelf of the retailers ? We have various solutions suiting to your requirements and budgets. We can provide you carton with Handle to hold, Hanging Cartons, Shelf Cartons, Pet Window Display Cartons & others.
Pharmaceutical Cartons: Our forte with the pharmaceutical sector, wherein our perfection, quality & service has lead us to where we are today. Managing multiple artworks in various designs & sizes and successfully maintaining their regular changes in artworks based on their regulatory requirements. Cartons with various dimensions & design can be manufactured depending on your requirements.
BRAILLE CARTONS: A specific requirement for all Multinational Companies for embossing Braille Text onto the cartons especially for their most difficult markets of US, UK & Europe where perfection is at the International Standards. Keeping it in mind we perform embossing with a single Braille tool giving equal & consistent Braille height on each & every cartons. We also provide a CERTIFICATE from the Institute of Blind, Mumbai for the text embossed on the cartons matches with the Brand/Generic name as provided by the customer. This will not only prove our perfection but also will ensures the blind person of the product what he purchasing from the retailer is exactly what the medical practitioner has suggested.
Textured/Foiled Cartons: We provide solutions which helps you in developing & showcasing your BRAND, This could include foil stamping (many colours available), laminations, Texturing effects, Smooth Velvet effect, 3D effect cartons, Bubble effect cartons, highlighting a particular spot on the carton which will give you highest brand value when you advertise the product / display the same on the shelf of the retailers.
Pamphlet Cartons: A very innovative packaging designed for a reputed customer wherein the pamphlets/instruction manual printed in multi-colour with Embossed UV are pasted on to the cartons with special effects, with the help of a tape which by itself is formulated & manufactured in-house.
Extended Flap Cartons: Such cartons do not require any additional instruction manual/leaflets to be inserted in it. All the instructions are printed on the extended flap thereby reducing the production downtime at the customers end for manually inserting the leaflets which may be left out while packing.